Privacy Policy

CAS2 Sweden AB uses surveillance cameras with the purpose of preventing and obstructing criminal acts inside and outside places where CAS2 Sweden AB is tasked with managing camera surveillance, protecting visitors and staff as well as the customer's property from crime and accidents. Also to be able to provide information to authorities on request to investigate suspected crimes.

Legal basis:
The legal basis for handling personal data from camera surveillance is balancing of interests. It is considered that there is a legitimate interest in processing the data for specified purposes.
Treatments performed: Recording of moving images from fixed cameras.
Categories of personal data:
Recorded material from movements in the places where cameras have been set up for the above-mentioned purposes.
Storage period: The material is normally saved for a maximum of 7 days. Exceptionally, a longer storage period may occur for specific material if in special cases it is deemed justified based on the above purpose. In these cases, the material will be deleted as soon as the purpose of saving it has ceased.

Data management:
The data is only handled by a group of authorized employees at CAS2 Sweden AB. They only handle the data for the above purposes and when it is deemed justified in the circumstances. The information is not disseminated other than to law enforcement authorities for the purpose of investigating suspected crimes.
Data protection:
Recorded material is stored on special servers with a high level of protection of IT security and physical security where access to the material is limited to a small number of authorized persons. The material is not disseminated other than exceptionally to employees of law enforcement authorities for the purpose of investigating suspected crimes.

Rights of individuals:
CAS2 Sweden AB informs about the recording with surveillance cameras through signage in connection with the camera-monitored buildings. The signage is supplemented with the possibility of additional information on CAS2 Sweden AB's website, where this policy is also published. Anyone who can be assumed to be recorded with a surveillance camera has the right to request the following:

1. Confirmation of whether she or he appears on film.
2. Information about the purpose of camera surveillance.
3. Information about the storage period.
4. Request to correct or delete data on film and the right to object to camera surveillance.
5. Right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority.
6. Request for access to the recorded material, insofar as it concerns the individual.
Requests as above that are received by the data controller at CAS2 Sweden AB will be processed and answered promptly.